Thor was the god of thunder. He always carried his trusty hammer, because he was always on a frost giant-killing rampage. Once, one of these giants named Thrym stole his hammer. Thrym refused to give back the hammer until he could marry Freya, the prettiest of the goddesses. Freya was furious, but crafty Loki put Thor in her place. Thor had to wear the humiliating bridal ensemble, complete with Freya's necklace of beauty, Brisingamen. At the festivities, Thrym asked Loki why "Freya" had such red eyes. Loki responded that "she" hadn't slept for eight days, being so excited about the marriage. Then, "Freya" ate so much at the wedding that Thrym asked why "she" ate so eagerly. Loki responded that "she" hadn't eaten in the same period of time for the same reason. But when the hammer was brought out as a bridal gift, Thor threw off his disguise, seized it, and smashed Thrym and all his subjects with it.

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