Set was the god of warriors, chaos and evil in general. He was venerated in his warrior aspect, but hated so much in his chaotic aspect that nobody ever dared to wear red, his favorite color. He murdered his brother Osiris, but Osiris's sister and wife Isis resurrected him long enough for her to conceive a son, Horus. Horus avenged his father by battling and killing Set.

Set had a wife, Nephthys, goddess of peaceful death and funerals. She was pretty much the last girl available, so Set pretty much only had one option.

Set's head is something of an enigma. People have given up on "name-the-animal" for it and call it a "Set animal". Personally, I think it's a shrew, the smallest mammalian predator in the world which can sometimes be a cannibal! My proof is this image of a shrew.

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