Spirits of Nature

ABOVE: A Domovoi (house spirit) and a Rusalka (siren).

According to the Slavs, the woods and villages abounded with spirits of many kinds. The most well-known today are Domovoi and Rusalki (singular Rusalka).

Domovoi were (and still are?) little hairy house/ancestor spirits who have been mistaken for poltergeists and have been purportedly caught on tape. Thay do not usually mess things up inside or around a house unless they are attacking a neighbor domovoi or are angered by poor housekeeping. Some families still give them nightly offerings; in return they may help with housekeeping.

Rusalki are female water spirits. They lure travelers into their watery home, and as a result, the travelers are drowned. They seem to be related to the Greek Sirens or the Irish Kelpies.


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Images from Slavic Mythology by Jan Machal and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rusalka