List of Japanese Gods

Aizen-Myoo- God of love, worshipped by prostitutes, landlords, singers and musicians. 

Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone- God of thunder. 

Ama-No-Minaka-Nushi- 'Divine Lord of the Middle Heavens' and god of the Pole Star.

Amaterasu- Shinto goddess of the sun and the leader of the Shinto pantheon. 

Amatsu Mikaboshi- God of evil, his name means "August Star of Heaven".

Amatsu-Kami- Gods of heaven who live 'above' the earthly plain. Heavenly and eternal.

Ama-Tsu-Mara- Shinto god of smiths. He is pictured as a Cyclops.

Ame-No-Mi-Kumari- Shinto water goddess.

Ame-No-Wakahiko- God sent to rule the earth. Killed by the sky god Takami-Musubi.

Amida- God of death, to whom the devout turned at the moment of their death. 

Am-No-Tanabata-Hime- Goddess of weavers.

Baku- A good spirit, known as the 'eater of dreams'.

Benten- Goddess of love, the arts, wisdom, poetry, good fortune and water.

Benzai-Ten- See Benten.

Bimbogami- God of poverty. Rituals are performed to get rid of him.

Binzuru-Sonja- God of curing illness and good vision.

Bishamon- God of war, justice and protector of the law. He is one of the Shichi Fukujin

Bosatsu- Manifestation of the Buddha in the past, present or future. See bodhisattva.

Butsu- See Buddha.

Chien-shin- A kami which is related to particular geographical area

Chimata-no-kami- Go of crossroads, highways and footpaths. He was originally a phallic god

Chup-Kamui- Sun goddess of the Ainu. She was originally the moon goddess

Daibosatsu- The Great bodhisattva or the Buddha in his last incarnation.

Daikoku- God of wealth, the soil and patron of farmers. 

Dainichi- Buddhist personification of purity and wisdom.

Dosojin- God of roads.

Dozoku-shin- Ancestral kami of a dozoku, or clan. 

Ebisu- God of the wealth of the sea, he is the patron god of fishermen and fishing. 

Ekibiogami- God of plagues and epidemics.

Emma-o- Japanese Buddhist god of the underworld. He is the judge of the dead.

Fudo- God of fire and wisdom, god of Astrology. 

Fujin- Shinto god of the wind. Seen as a terrifying dark demon in a leopard skin.

Fukurokuju- Shinto god of wisdom, luck and prosperity.

Funadama- The boat-spirit, goddess who protects and helps mariners and fishermen.

Futsu-Nushi-no-Kami- God of fire and lightning, a war god and general of Amaterasu.

Gama- God of longevity. 

Gekka-o- God of marriage. He binds the feet of lovers with a red silken cord.

Hachiman- God of war and agriculture, divine protector of the Japanese people.

Haniyasu-hiko- God of the earth.

Haniyasu-hime- Goddess of the earth.

Haya-Ji- God of the whirlwind.

Hiruko- God of the morning sun. Guards the health of little children.

Hoso-no-Kami- God of smallpox.

Hotei God of happiness, laughter and the wisdom of being content. 

Ida-Ten- Buddhist god of the law and of monasteries. A handsome young man.

Ika-Zuchi-no-Kami- Group of even Shinto demons who reside in the Underworld. 

Iki-Ryo- The spirit of anger and envy which harms.

Inari- Both a male and female deity, god/goddess of rice and agriculture.

Isora God of the seashore.

Izanagi- Primordial god of the sky and the creator of everything good and right. 

Izanami- Primordial goddess of the earth and darkness. 

Jinushigami- Minor deity who watches over a town or plot of land.

Jizo- Japanese Buddha of great compassion. 

Juichimen- Buddhist god of mercy.

Jurojin- Shinto god of longevity and a happy old age. One of the Shichi Fukujin

Kagutsuchi- Japanese god of fire.

Kamado-gami- Gods of the hearth.

Kami-kaze- God of wind, storms and viscous cold weather.

Kaminari- Goddess of thunder, the Thunder Queen and the Heavenly Noise.

Kanayama-hiko- God of metals.

Kanayama-hime- Goddess of metals.

Kawa-no-Kami- God of rivers. Although rivers had their own god, ruler of all rivers.

Kenro-Ji-Jin- God of earth.

Kishi-Bojin- Goddess of children and childbirth

Kishijoten-- Goddess of luck and beauty

Kishimo-jin- Buddhist goddess of compassion and protectress of children.

Kojin- Ancient tree deity and goddess of the kitchen. She lives in an enoki tree.

Ko-no-Hana- The Blossom Princess, she is the goddess of spring

Koshin- God of the roads.

Koya-no-Myoin- God of the sacred Mount Koya

Kukunochi-no-Kami- Shinto god of the trees.

Kuni-Toko-tachi- Earth deity who lives in Mt. Fuji.

Kura-Okami- God of rain and snow.

Marisha-Ten- Queen of heaven, goddess of the light, sun and moon.

Mawaya-no-kami- Kami, or deity of the toilet

Miro- Japanese name for Maitreya.

Miyazu-Hime- Goddess of royalty.

Monju-Bosatsu- Japanese Buddhist bosatsu of wisdom and knowledge.

Musubi-no-Kami- God of love and marriage. Appears as a handsome young lover.

Nai-no-Kami- God of earthquakes.

Naka-Yama-Tsu-Mi- God of mountain slopes.

Nikko-Bosatsu- Buddhist god of sunshine and good health.

Ninigi-no-mikoto- Rice god and ancestral god of the Japanese imperial family.

Nominosukune- God of wrestling.

Nyorai- Japanese name for all of the Buddha's appearances.

Oanomochi- God of the crater of Mt. Fuji.

Ohonamochi- A god of the earth.

Oho-Yama- The great mountain god.

Okuni-Nushi- God of magic and medicine, ruler of the unseen things and the spirit world.

Owatatsumi- God of the sea.

Oyamatsumi- A god of the mountains

Raiden- God of thunder and lightning

Ryo-Wo- God of the sea. known as the Dragon King

Sae-no-Kami- A group of kami, or deities, who guard the roads of Japan.

Sambo-kojin- God of the kitchen. Pictured with three faces and two pairs of hands.

Sarutahiko Ohkami- God of crossroads, paths and overcoming obstacles. 

Sengen- See Ko-no-Hana.

Shaka- The silent sage, the wisest and first appearance of Buddha on earth.

Shichi Fujukin- Gods of Luck: Benten, Bishamon, Daikoku, Ebisu, Fukurokuju, Hotei

Shinda- Ainu fertility god of the island of Hokkaido.

Shine-Tsu-Hiko- God of the wind, he fills the space between heaven and earth.

Shoden- See Ganesha.

Shoki- God of the afterlife and exorcism.

Suijin- Deity of the water.

Suitengu- Child god of the sea.

Sukuna-Biko- Dwarf god of healing, agriculture and hot springs.

Susano-wo- God of the winds, storms, ocean and snakes in Shinto mythology. 

Takami-Musubi- Primordial sky god and creator of living things in Shinto belief.

Takemikadzuchi- A thunder god.

Taki-Tsu-Hiko- God of rain.

Tatsuta-hime- Goddess of autumn.

Tenjin- God of learning, language and calligraphy. He taught humans to write.

Toyo-Uke-Bime- Goddess of earth, food and agriculture.

Toyouke-Omikami- Goddess of grain.

Tsuki-Yumi- God of the moon and brother of the sun goddess Ameratsu.

Uba- Spirit of the pine tree. Means 'old woman' or 'wet nurse'.

Uga-Jin- Serpent god of the waters and fertility of the earth.

Uga-no-Mitama- Goddess of agriculture.

Ukemochi- Goddess of fertility and food.

Uzume- Shinto goddess of joy and happiness.

Wakahiru-me- Goddess of the rising sun.

Wata-tsu-mi- God of the sea.

Yabune- Japanese house god.

Yama-no-kami- Goddess of the hunt, forest, agriculture and vegetation.

Yamato- The soul or spirit of Japan.

Yuki-Onna- The Snow Queen or goddess of winter.

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