List of Babylonian Gods

Abgal- Seven wise-men and the attending deities of the god Enki.

Adrammelech- Babylonian god (possibly of the sun) to whom babies were burned in sacrifice.

Aja- Babylonian sun goddess.

Akkan- Four goddesses who oversee conception, birth and destiny.

Alauwaimis- Demon which drives away evil sickness.

Ama-arhus- Babylonian and Akkadian fertility goddess.

Amurru- Akkadian god of mountains and nomads.

An- Sumerian god of heaven.

Anatu- Goddess of the earth and sky.

Antu- Sumerian goddess of creation. Later replaced by Ishtar.

Anu- Sumerian and Babylonian god of the sky, father of the gods and most powerful deity of the pantheon.

Anunitu- Babylonian goddess of the moon. She was later merged with Ishtar.

Apsu- Sumerian and Akkadian god of the primordial sweet waters - as opposed to the primordial bitter waters of Chaos.

Arazu- Babylonian god of completed construction.

Aruru- Babylonian goddess of creation.

Ashnan- Sumerian goddess of grain.

Aya- Goddess of dawn.

Baal- God of the sun and crop fertility, widely venerated throughout the Fertile Crescent and the Middle East.

Baba- Tutelary goddess of the kings of Sumer, and a goddess of motherhood and healing.

Babbar- Sumerian sun god. Equatedwith the Babylonian Shamash.

Belet-Ili- Sumerian goddess of the womb.

Beletseri- Akkadian "clerk" of the Underworld, who kept records of human activities so that she could advise on their final judgment after death. She is called Queen of the Desert.

Dagon- Vegetation and fertility god.

Damgalnunna- Mother goddess.

Dumuzi- Sumerian form of Tammuz, a god of vegetation, fertility and the Underworld. Possibly the husband of Inanna.

Ea- Sumerian and Babylonian god of sweet waters, he is the patron of wisdom, magic and medical science.

Ebeh- Sumerian mountain god.

Ellil- Akkadian form of the god Enlil. God of wind and earth.

Enmesarra- God of the underworld and the lord of mes - the power underlying society and civilization.

Ennugi- God of irrigation and canals.

Ereshkigal- Sumerian and Akkadian goddess of the dead. She is dark and violent, and possibly was once a sky goddess.

Erra- God of war, death and other disasters.

Gibil- Sumerian god of light and fire.

Girru- Akkadian god of light and fire. He is the messenger of the gods.

Gula- Sumerian goddess of healing.

Humbaba- God of the cedar forest.

Inanna- The most important of the Sumerian divinities, she is the goddess of love, fertility and war. Her symbol is the eight-pointed star.

Irkalla- See Ereshkigal.

Isara- Goddess of oaths and queen of judgment.

Ishkur- Sumerian god of storms and rain.

Ishtar- Violent Sumerian and Babylonian goddess of love and fertility. She had a habit of attracting lovers and then killing or maiming them.

Kaksisa- God of the star Sirius.

Ki- Goddess of the earth.

Kulitta- Goddess of music.

Kulla- The Babylonian god who restores temples.

Kusag- God who is high priest of the gods, the patron od priests in Babylonia.

Lahar- Sumerian god of cattle and sheep.

Lamastu- Demon who causes fever and childhood diseases.

Mama- Mother goddess.

Mamitu- Akkadian goddess of fate and judgment in the Underworld.

Mammetu- Babylonian goddess of fate and destiny.

Marduk- God of thunderstorms, fertility, and the supreme leader of the gods after defeating Tiamat. Later known as Bel or Baal.

Martu- God of destruction by storms and of the steppes.

Mummu- Sumerian and Babylonian god of craftsmen and technical skill.

Mylitta- Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of fertility and childbirth.

Nabu- Sumerian and Babylonian god of knowledge, writing, and scribe of the gods.

Nammu- Sumerian goddess of the sea.

Namtar- God of the Sumerian underworld and the bringer of disease and pestilence to humans.

Nanaja- Sumerian and Akkadian goddess of sex and war.

Nanna- Sumerian god of the moon. Equivalent to Babylonian god Sin.

Nanshe- Goddess of fertility and water, she was the patron of dreams and prophecy.

Nergal- Evil god of the underworld who brings sickness, fear and war on mankind. He is the consort of the death-goddess Ereshkigal.

Nidaba- Sumerian goddess of learning.

Nin-agal- God of smiths.

Ninatta- Goddess of music.

Ninazu- Babylonian god of magic incantations.

Ninedinna- Babylonian goddess of the books of the dead.

Ningirsu- Sumerian and Babylonian god of rain, fertility and irrigation.

Ningizzida- God of healing and magic. Sometimes pictured as a serpent with a human head.

Ninhursag- See Ki.

Ninkarrak- Goddess of healing.

Ninkasi- Sumerian goddess of intoxicating drinks, and beer in particular.

Ninlil- Goddess of heaven and earth, known as the wind.

Nintur- Akkadian goddess of birth.

Ninurta- God of rain, fertility, thunderstorms, the plow, floods, wells, and the south wind.

Nisaba- Babylonian and Sumerian goddess of grain and learning.

Nusku- Sumerian god of light and fire.

Papsukkel- Minister and messenger of the Sumerian gods.

Rimmon- Babylonian god of storms.

Salbatanu- God of the planet Mars.

Samuqan- God of cattle.

Sataran- Divine judge and healer.

Shamash- Sumerian god of the sun, judge and law-giver of the people. He is the husband of Ishtar.

Shulpae- God of feasting.

Shutu- God of illness and the South Wind.

Sibzianna- Sumerian god of the star Orion.

Siduri- Goddess of wine-making and brewing.

Sin- Sumerian god of the moon, the calendar, and the fixed seasons.

Sulpa'e- God of fertility, wild animals and the planet Jupiter.

Tammuz- Akkadian vegetation god and the symbol of death and rebirth in nature. The "corn king" of Wiccan worship.

Tiamat- Dragon-goddess of the primordial waters of Chaos, seen as a great salt sea. Also the enemy of the gods.

Umunmutamku- Babylonian deity who presents offerings to the gods after they have been made by humans.

Uttu- Sumerian spider-goddess of weaving and clothing.

Zakar- Babylonian god of dreams as messages from the gods.

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