Viracocha, Apu Puncha, Mama Quilla and Pachamama (Inca mythology)

FROM LEFT: Viracocha, Apu Puncha, Mama Quilla, Pachamama

Viracocha is the great creator god of the Incas. He wears the universe in his headdress (the Sun) and his clothes. His wife is Pachamama.

Apu Puncha, or Inti, is the god of the Sun. He is arguably the most important Inca deity. His wife is Mama Quilla, who is also his sister (she was the only goddess available, so don't call it incest).

Mama Quilla is the goddess of the moon, marriage... and what women like to call their "period."

Lastly, there is Pachamama, the Great Earth Mother and the goddess of fertility and earthquakes. She gave birth to Apu Puncha and Mama Quilla, who gave birth to the founders of the Incas.

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