Hermes is the god of shepherds, thieves, travelers and messengers. He's the son of Zeus and Maia (one of the Pleiades and goddess of spring). Hermes has some very special winged sandals and a winged cap made by Hephaestus; both allow him to fly.

Hermes stole Apollo's cattle when he was just a few days old! He didn't need to give them back when he was caught three days later, because in the meantime, he'd made a lyre from a tortoise shell and some sheep guts. Apollo really liked the lyre (perhaps he had a "Why didn't I think of this?" moment?), so Hermes received Apollo's former attribute as the god of shepherds, and Apollo took the lyre and became the god of music.

Hermes fathered a lot of children, despite never marrying. Most were mortal and by mortal mothers. The most famous of these was Hermaphroditos (named after his parents, Hermes and Aphrodite). One day, a nymph named Salmacis fell in love with Hermaphroditos. The two bathed in a fountain together, and then Salmacis prayed to Zeus to unite Hermaphroditos with her forever. Zeus did, and Hermaphroditos became half-female! Of course, the term "hermaphrodite" comes from his name.

Hermes and Chione (goddess of snow) also had Autolycus, a bandit. Hermes was also the father of Pan, the satyr god of nature, by either Dryope or Penelope (a nymph, not Odysseus's wife).