Hera is the goddess of marriage and motherhood. Despite her stormy relationship with Zeus (who cheated ALL THE TIME), she managed to bear Eileithyia (goddess of childbirth), Hephaestus (god of forges), Ares (god of war), Eris (goddess of strife), and Hebe (goddess of youth). Of these, all but Hephaestus were fathered by Zeus.

Hera hated Zeus's illegitimate relationships, particularly those with Io, Semele, Leto and Alcmene. She annoyed the women and goddesses in question and sometimes the children, too. (Zeus's Many Girlfriends gives some examples of the poor women's specific treatments.) She also got back at Zeus for giving birth to Athena "on his own" (not really) by somehow conceiving without a man. In a typically Greek attempt at mythical misogyny, Hera's attempt failed miserably; her baby was so ugly she threw him off Olympus. (Spoiler alert: he came back.)