Dionysus is the god of wine and drunken insanity. He's the son of Zeus and Semele (a human). He was born twice, in fact; he was removed from Semele's womb when Zeus fell for Hera's trick and killed her, then Zeus placed him in his thigh to be born again in a few months.

Dionysus grew up as if he were a human, raised by the nymphs of Nysa. He didn't show a sign of godhood until he was a teen, when some pirates saw him, thought he was a prince, and captured him. He heard the sailors plotting to take him far away and kill him, so all of a sudden, he anchored the ship with vines, flooded the deck with wine, and leopards prowled about. The terrified sailors leaped overboard and changed into dolphins.

He never had a confirmed wife, but he did have several children, including Priapus (a fertility god with a gigantic "thingie" and a great sense of humor) and Deianeira (Heracles' last wife). He had up to 12 children by Ariadne alone after Theseus dumped her on an island.

Dionysus's worship was, well, wild. His priestesses, called maenads, ran around drunk, hallucinating and mistaking men for animals, then tearing them up. (Yuck... but they were drunk, possibly on something stronger than wine.) The satyrs (man on top, goat on bottom) and centaurs (man on top, horse on the bottom) partied with him too, dancing around while horribly drunk. (If cars or drunk-travel laws had been around then, it would have resulted in a lot of DUIs - or RUIs.) His party fever was infectious, and those who downright hated it were killed or turned into animals.