Baltic Mythology

ABOVE: Saule, the Sun.

Little remains of Baltic mythology, a mixture of the similar mythologies of the Lithuanians, Latvians, and Prussians.

Perkons was the god of thunder, and he seems to be almost identical to the Slavic Perun.

Saule was the goddess of the Sun. Like Apollo, she rode through the sky each day on a chariot. However, the horses on this chariot weren't fiery, but never tired or rested. She was married to Meness, who was unfaithful to her (see below).

Meness was the god of the moon. He was married to Saule, who bore him a daughter (Zemyna, the Earth), but he snuck out and had liaisons with Ausrine, the morning star. He was caught and afterwards, he wasn't allowed to see his daughter except at night.


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