Artemis is the virgin goddess of the hunt, childbirth, and the Moon. She's the twin sister of Apollo and thus is the daughter of Zeus and Leto.

When she and Apollo were three years old (but already adults... god logic), they went to Zeus to ask for godly gifts. Apollo asked for a golden bow and an inexhaustible quiver of golden arrows, 1000 of which he used to slay Python. However, Artemis asked for a silver bow and only four silver arrows. She then used all four. The first one hit a pine tree, the second hit an olive tree, the third hit a wild boar... and the fourth shot down an entire city of unjust people. Eventually, she did receive an infinite quiver of arrows for hunting.

Like the other goddesses, Artemis is said to have had quite the temper. She sent the Calydonian Boar down to earth when King Oeneus forgot to include her in his yearly sacrifice, and she turned Actaeon into a stag when he accidentally saw her bathing. She also calmed the winds for the Greek ships (so they couldn't sail) right as they were about to head for Troy; Agamemnon, the Greek general, had killed one of Artemis's sacred stags by accident. Lastly, she and Apollo teamed up to get revenge on Niobe (a queen who had 14 children) when she boasted that she was better than Leto, who only had two children. Artemis shot Niobe's seven daughters and Apollo shot her seven sons.